Why Posada should be back in Pinstripes

Yes I said it. I want Posada back in pinstripes. But not as an actual player, if that’s what you thought. No, since I believe the Yankees are going to primarily use Jesus Montero as the DH in order to get him his at-bats, and also use the DH spot for older players to get a half-day off such as Alex and Jeter, there really is no room for Posada on this team. But if the Yankees bring him back as a coach, well that could change.


Jorge will forever be remembered as one the key members of the “Core Four”, which also include Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, and the retired Andy Pettitte. This Core Four is the main reason the Yankees won five championships from 1996 to 2009, three of them being from 1998-2000. Jorge has always been a fan favorite. ; A proud Boricua, taking charge behind the plate, and showing power on the plate.

But sadly, those days of seeing Posada behind the plate, catching the Yankee pitchers are gone 😦 Luckily, he went out with a bang, getting the winning hit that clinched the division for the Yankees in that double-header game against the Rays. He also was one of the very few Yankees who consistently hit in the postseason.

So what’s next for Jorge? Well it very well seems like the Yankees will re-sign him to be a DH or anything. That’s why I want Jorge to come back as a coach. He was never the best defensive catcher, but he was pretty darn good. I have always admired Jorge, and I think he would be an excellent mentor to all of these young catching kiddies the Yankees have in the farm system. He would be contributing to the team, he would still be able to see all his friends on the team and be a part of the Yankee community, just in a different way.

Jorge 2

Like I said, Jorge will always be a Yankee favorite and a Yankee legend no matter what happens. But the story isn’t over yet. I really think the Yankees should at least consider bringing him in as a coach. I think he would be wonderful at it 🙂


Rotation options for the 2012 Yankees

As you all know by now, the Yankees are in serious need of pitching. Now we all know we need to get CC back, but then what else can the Yankees do to improve their rotation? Well here are some ideas that I have that could help out the Yankees.

1. Sign CC Sabathia

CC Sabathia

We all know that the Yankees #1 priority is going to be to resign CC Sabathia if/when if he opts out of his contract, which he most likely will. Personally I want CC back because lets face it, even though he did not have a good 2nd half, and his postseason performance was not very “Ace-like”, we still need him. He is an ace and they are very hard to find. So the Yankees will probably do anything they can to get him back. However, hopefully Cashman is thinking the same thing, the Yankees cannot afford to give CC a 7yr contract, maybe not even a 6 yr contract. Why? Well for one thing we all know those huge contracts most of the time dont work out. (*cough*Arod*cough*) So personally I would give CC a 5 year deal and then give him like 130mill. Hopefully he will be more like his good friend Cliff Lee, and accept less years in order to stay in a place he and his family love. So we’ll see what happens.

Now assuming we get CC back, we still need to rebuild that staff around him. A.J. has two years left on his contract, so like it or not, hes not going anywhere. Let’s hope those mechanical changes, and some hard work with Larry Rothchild in the offseason pay off. Of course Ivan Nova will be back, our Rookie of the Year candidate who won 16 games this year, and pitched pretty well in the postseason, not inlcuding his 2nd start where he left in the 2nd inning because of an arm injury. Then we also have Phil Hughes. Now 2011 was not kind to Phil for he missed pretty much most of the season with injuries. After seeing how good he looked out of the bullpen during the postseason, Im starting to think that he was meant to be a reliever, not a starter. But surely the Yankees will have him in Spring Training as a starter, but a little competition for that spot wont hurt. So that leaves us with 1 more spot left. Who is it going to be?

2. C.J. Wilson
CJ Wilson

Honestly, Im on the fence with Wilson. At first I thought the Yankees should definetely go after him. Hes proved to be a very good starter in his 2 years of being a starting pitcher, and hes a lefty! An added bonus. However, looking at his postseason stats for this year, Im not very convinced he could really help us out. After all, the postseason is the most important time of the year for the Yankees.His postseason stats for 2010 and 2011 are as follows: 1-4 with a 5.40 ERA. Not very great. So while he would help us out tremendously in the regular season, Im not so sure how he would do in the postseason, especially playing in NYC.

3. Yu Darvish
Yu Darvish

By now Im sure youve all heard about this guy. Yu is a Japanese pitcher who is clearly talented. There is no question that the Yankees would love to have someone like this on their team. However with overseas players comes some risk. We all the trecherous contrats of Dausike Matsuzaka and Hideki Irabu. There’s also the concern of not knowing how Yu will perform in the MLB, much less in the tough AL East. But a kid with that kind of talent deserves a shot, so I would not be mad if the Yankees signed him.

4. Mark Buehrle

I think Mark could actually help out the Yankees. He is a lefty, and he has been a pretty good pitcher his whole career. Now what I would do with Buerhle is try to give him a 1yr contract, because then I would want to bring in the Killer B’s for 2013.

So as you can see the Yankees have some options for their rotation. They could also convert Noesi from a reliever to a starter, but frankly that would not be very helpful, and he the Yankees could use a longman in the bullpen. Personally for me, I think that Yankees need to get younger, so either signing Yu or Mark for a year, and then bringing up the B’s in 2013 would be a pretty good option. Now there are other options that the Yankees can explore, but these are the ones I choose to focus on. But The Yankees can be unpredictable so lets see what happens.

Post a comment below and tell me what you think the Yankees should do.