Why I believe Mark Buerhle is the best option for the Yankees

This is starting to sound like a broken record, but we all know the Yankees need “pitching, pitching, pitching” as Brian Cashman put it. Now there are several options that the Yankees can go after, and I talked about some of them in my previous .

Now that you know about some of the options that the Yankees have, well I am going to tell you who I think is the best option for the Yankees. That would be Mark Buerhle.


Now Mark has been with the White Sox pretty much his whole career. He has a not hitter, a perfect game and he can handle the media. Throughout his career, Buerhle has shown to be a dependable, durable pitchers. I know that he is older, and well the truth is the Yankees need to get younger, but Buerhle is probably the best option in terms of Free Agent pitchers right now. Yes, the Yankees could trade for a starter, but think of it this way. Most of the top prospects the Yankees have are pitchers. So does it really make sense to trade your young, talented pitchers for one starter? No. Personally, I believe Buerhle is the best short-term solution.

If you sign C.J. Wilson, hes probably going to get an “A.J. Burnett” type of contract. That means he is going to want perhaps five or six years, and probably anywhere from 80-90 million dollars, maybe even more since he is the best Free Agent pitcher available.

If the Yankees sign Yu Darvish then not only will they also have to give this kid a big contract, because he is a Japanese pitcher that also means that you have a high level of uncertainty and risk. There’s no denying the kid is talented. However, as seen with previous Japanese signings with Igawa and Irabu. There’s also Matzuzaka who signed with the Boston Red Sox. The Japanese baseball league is very different than the MLB here in the United States. Hence no one will know for certain if this kid will pitch well here or not. Frankly I think its too high of a risk to take.

Again, there are other options such as Edwin Jackson, or Cashman could try and trade for some young stud. However, here is my plan for the Yankees for the next few years and you will see is the best fit for this.

If the Yankees sign Buerhle lets say to a 2yr contract the rotation would probably look something like this.

CC, Nova, Mark, Phil, and A.J.

Now I hear a lot of talk that Garcia might be back, but I also hear there is a lot of interest for him. I also know Noesi is playing in the Domican League this winter to stretch himself out. So he is also an option for the rotation. I would imagine as well that some of the “kiddie” pitchers will get a shot during Spring Training. But really the only one that could possibly be moved for one of these guys is Phil Hughes, and if that happens he will probably be going to the bullpen.

Now, our top pitching prospects, the Killer Bs, will probably be ready by 2013. However there is really no room so I say the Yankees try as hard as they can to sign Cole Hammels. He would be an excellent #2 guy to have in the rotation behind CC. So the rotation for 2013 could look like this.

CC, Cole, Mark, Nova, AJ

Notice no Phil Hughes, because I think he is better suited for the bullpen.

Then finally by 2014, both AJ’s and Mark’s contracts are up so there’s room for the B boys to come in and the rotation could look like this.

CC, Cole, Nova, Banuellos and Betances.

So that’s my plan. Now I know Buerhle might cost more than 2 yrs, and I know plenty of teams are interested. With that being said if the Yankees don’t get Buerhle, well I probably see Cashman resigning Garcia, or maybe plugging in Noesi into the rotation. So it might look like this

CC, Nova, Phil, AJ, Garcia/Noesi

I know this is not a very great rotation by any means, but by 2013 again we can sign Cole Hammels, Phil goes to the bullpen and Garcia will be gone. So rotation could be

CC, Cole, Nova, AJ, Banuelos/Betances.

So as you see there are plenty of options out there, but the ones I stated are the best in my opinion. The only big name we would be acquiring, hopefully, is Cole Hammels, and we finally bring up the Killer Bs like everyone wants.

Stay tuned, for next week I will be going over some lefty reliever options that the Yankees can look at. Feel free to leave a comment below, or send/follow me on twitter @nataliayank25 :).


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