The Price is Not Right

Well its December 22, only a few days left of 2011, and what have the Yankees done? Well they got CC Sabathia to a contract extension back in October before Halloween. That was awesome. They also signed Freddy “The Chief” Garcia to a 1yr deal. They have also signed various players to some minor league contracts while also drafting 2 new pitchers. Other than that nothing else has been done.

As you can see, the Yankees have made some moves in the off season, but besides the CC extension, nothing big, nothing exciting. I know you Yankee fans are getting restless, you want Cashman to bring in some awesome new pitcher into the rotation. After all, lets face it, the current rotation isn’t good enough, right? I mean, the Yankees did win 97 games last year, and they won the division. The Tigers were a very, very good opponent, but at the end of the day, they got the clutch hitting when they needed to and the Yankees didn’t. So is this rotation good enough to win it all?

Well never say never, I mean the Cardinals did win it all with a decent rotation, but a fantastic bullpen and offense. The Yankees have one of the best bullpens in the AL, one of the best offenses. The rotation is complete with five guys, but there is just too many question marks. CC is CC, but then there is everyone else. Nova had a wonderful rookie season, but can he keep it up? Phil Hughes had a horrible season after winning 18 games the year before. Some bizarre injury put him on the sidelines for most of the year, so now we ask, can he bounce back? A.J. well you know the story with him. Great pitcher with good stuff, but he is just so inconsistent, and bad most of the time. Then there is Freddy, he pitched pretty well last year, but the question is can he last all year?

If anything should happen to any of these guys, the Yankees have kiddies in the minors who are ready to come up if needed. Guys like the Killer Bs, though I think the Yankees would rather have them stay there to work on their fastball command. But there is also kids like David Phelps, Adam Warren, and probably first in line is Hector Noesi.

So it’s not like the Yankees don’t have any pitching, they do, they have plenty. The question is are they good enough to win it all???


We all know the pitching FA list was not great this year. C.J. Wilson was the best out there, but in my opinion not what the Yankees need. So he is gone, he signed with the Angels.

My choice was Mark Buerhle, but on a short term deal. I don’t know to what degree the Yankees were interested in Buerhle, but the price was not right on either of these two guys. There is still some FA pitcher out there, but again, not what the Yankees need.

The Yankees need a solid #2 guy behind CC. The FA market doesn’t have that anymore, so whats left? Trades? Well you could trade for Gio Gonzalez and give up your top kiddies Jesus Montero, Manny Bannuelos, and more. John Danks? No, he just signed a contract with the White Sox yesterday so he is out. Jair Jurjens? No thanks, he might have injury concerns, plus it seems a bit odd the Braves would want to trade him away. Matt Garza? Good pitcher, but no, again price not right.

All these teams out there know what the Yankees have in their farm system and they want the best kiddies. Cashman is right to preach “patience” and not pull the trigger. Yes the rotation is not great, but at leas the Yankees have five starters. Look over to the Red Sox, they probably need two pitchers since Lackey is out for the year and Matsuzaka is probably is still injured. They still need a closer, possibly a setup man is Bard goes to the rotation, heck they might need at RF! My point is while the rotation may not be great, someone always has it worse.


We have CC Monster leading our rotation, one of the best in the game. I think Nova will only get better next season. We have to hope that Phil bounces back and I think he will. If he does then that is a huge acquisition without paying any extra money or trading anyone. A.J. well I hope he has a better year, and Freddy is our anchor as the #5 man. Remember, we have Noesi, Phelps, Warren, and the Bs waiting in the minors if anything goes on. If Cashman is able to find a trade for a good pitcher without having to give up the Bs, Montero, or Phelps then good. If not, well we have to make the best of what we got.

I realize there are a lot of Ifs with this rotation, but if they did it last year, they can do it again this year. Remember, the bullpen will still be a huge strength going into the season, as well as the offense. They say “pitching wins games” well that is true, but there is also defense and offense.

So while things might not look great right now because there is really no “new” Yankee coming in right now to join the team, this is still a very, very good team capable of doing great things.

Cashman hasn’t made any big moves because the price is not right. Cashman knows what he is doing, we as fans need to be patient and wait to see what happens. Only time will determine what happens.


Why “Houdini” is destined for greatness

David Robertson, Drob, “Houdini”. However you like to call him, there is no denying that he is something special. Making his Major League debut in June of 2008, David Robertson has been doing his “Houdini” act for a couple of years now. Most notably in the 2009 postseason where he was brought in to some pretty tough situations with multiple runners on base, but of course, he got out both situations without giving up any runs.

2011 however was his breakout year. With injuries overtaking Joba Chamberlain and Rafael Soriano, Robertson went from being just another guy in the bullpen, to becoming one of the best and most dominant Setup men in all of baseball. Heck, to us Yankee fan he was the Best Setup man in Baseball, receiving recognition for his work as he won “Setup Man of the Year” at the 2011 GIBBY Awards. He was also an All-Star this year which I was very happy about.


Here are some of David’s stats for the 2011 season (from

ERA: 1.08
IP: 66.2
Hits: 40
Run: 9
ER: 8
HR: 1
BB: 35
W-L: 4-0
Saves: 1
WHIP: 1.13
Strikeout per inning ratio: 13.5

If those numbers aren’t outstanding then I don’t what is. What really stands out to me the most is the fact that in 66.2 innings he ONLY gave up one Home run. ONE! And he also ONLY gave up nine runs in the whole year, that’s crazy stuff.

Now I’ve really only been a fan since the 2009 season, therefore I did not grow up watching Mariano Rivera go from being a setup man to the greatest closer in baseball history. But I have grown up watching David Robertson pitch, and just like I’m sure so many fans felt something special watching Mariano develop into one of the greatest pitchers ever, I feel something special when I see David Robertson pitch. This guy is destined for greatness.

Drob a

I was watching Jack Curry’s interview with David for Yankees Access last night and you know what, David reminds me of Mo in some ways. They are both amazing pitchers, they are confident in themselves, competitive, they don’t like to lose, and most importantly like so many great Yankees before them, they care about the team. Sure, individual accomplishments are great, but like Derek Jeter, Andy Pettitte, Jorge Posada, and so many other Yankees, helping the team win is always the #1 priority. They know what being a Yankee is all about. Its about winning, its about playing the game right, its about understanding such a rich history, its about wearing those pinstripes with honor and dignity. David Robertson certainly does that.


Another thing that makes Robertson so special is the fact that he always wants to improve. A self-proclaimed “perfectionist” David had a season to remember, one I will certainly not forget. But he does think that he can improve, and there is always room for improvement. David and his wife Erin have even bought a house down in St. Peters burg so that he can be closer to the Yankees facilities in Tampa during the off season.

D and E

Speaking of David and Erin, one of the other things that makes David so special is his willingness and selflessness to help others. He and his wife Erin have created an organization called “High Socks for Hope” which helps build houses and such for those people down in Alabama who were hit by that devastating tornado.

Now I know as Yankee fans we don’t want to think about the day when Mariano Rivera hands up the glove and retires. We don’t want to think of the day when #42 is proudly displayed in Monument Park at Yankee Stadium along with the greatest Yankees of all time. We don’t want to think of the day when the 9th inning comes along and “enter Sandman” is not playing. When the #42 is not seen trotting from out of the bullpen towards the mound. However, if the next number to come out of that pen in the 9th inning is #30, we are in good hands.

No one will ever be able to do what Mariano has accomplished, and still has left to accomplish, but I still believe with all my heart that David Robertson will be a fantastic closer, one of the best. He has what it takes to become a great closer. He has the heart, the drive, the passion, the competitive spirit, respect for the game, he knows what it means to be a Yankee. When the time comes, I look to David Robertson to help lead the Yankees to many more World Series titles as the future closer of the New York Yankees. “Houdini” certainly is destined for greatness.

And I just added that in for fun.

Cashman the idiot?

So here we are its the 2011 off season and the Winter Meetings have ended today. Lot of moves made, but not by the Yankees. Why? Well they just didn’t like any of the prices for the starters in the Free Agent market. Plus there was really only one that they probably should have been interested in. So what is Cashman going to do now?? Well lets find out:D

Cashman was seen walking down the hallway, getting ready to leave the hotel and board a plane back to New York. While he was getting in his car, he decided to call a very special someone.;) Who might that be you ask? Well it was none other then our good friend A.J. Burnett. Yes A.J. if you don’t like it, well deal with it:P. So anyway, Cashman called up A.J. to say a few words.

*phone rings with “I kissed a girl” ringtone by Katy Perry*

A.J.: “Hello?”

Cashman: “Hey A.J?”

A.J: “Yeah Cash? Hey what’s up?”

Cashman: “Well A.J. I got some news, I don’t know if its good or bad, that all depends on you.”

A.J.: “Oh?”

Cashman: “Yeah, A.J I am going to trade you away. I got a call from Billy Beane, and he agreed that if we paid all of your remaining salary and a couple of lower tier prospects. So pack your bags AJ you’re going to Oakland!”


Cashman smiling: “Gio Gonzalez:D”

A.J: “You’re kidding right???”


A.J.:”Cash its December 8th its not even spring yet!! YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT!!! You think we can win with this rotation??? COME ON!!!! Go out there and spend all the $$$ you have.”

Cashman:”Oh…. :/” *hangs up*

A.J.:”Hello??? Hello??? CRAP…..” *hangs up*

Back in NY, Brett Gardner and David Robertson show up at Yankee Stadium to see how Cashman is doing.

Brett and David walk around the clubhouse but they can’t find Cashman. Finally after hours of searching, they find Cashman sitting in a corner…… crying?? 😮 Yeah there he was, sucking his thumb, crying like a baby.

“Cashman??” said Brett.

“I’m a good GM, I’m a good GM, I’m a good GM” whimpered Cashman. “Guys do you think I suck at my job???”

Brett and David looked at each other with quizzical stares. “Ummm no of course not Cashman!” said David. “You are one of the best GMs in Baseball”

“Yeah…. is someone giving you trouble???” said Brett. “Because if they are I will go all “BrettGardnerRAge” on them.”

“It’s ok guys, I can handle it….”said Cashman. “It’s just the media, beating me up because I haven’t gotten any pitching. Its not my fault no one wants A.J.”

“Don’t worry Cashman you will prove them wrong:D I think letting the kids take over when they are ready is an excellent idea.” said David.

“Thanks guys:D” said Cashman.

3 years later…

“And the YANKEES are back on top!!! Winning their 2nd consecutive World Series title!” said Joe Buck.

“With a rotation of CC, Matt Cain, Ivan Nova, Manny Bannuelos, and David Phelps, the Yankees have taken their second consecutive WS win.” “And you have to give credit to Brian Cashman for really believing in these kids and letting them come up through the system, despite much criticism, because they led the team to a WS victory!”

“Let’s not forget Jesus Montero contributing big time as the DH. You also had the rookie of the year catcher Gary Sanchez, Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain excellent job in the bullpen and of course the World Series S MVP the closer for the Yankees, David Robertson! Excellent job by everyone in this team, even Alex. They deserve it” said Joe McCarver.

And so the Yankees won the World Series:D And all those kiddies that other teams wanted via trade, they led the team to victory:D So, as you see Cashman truly does know what he is doing:D